How to use your Mendokino subscription

Get the most out of your Blink membership

By: Gina Florio
5 minute read

The way to get the most out of Blink is to send greeting cards at least once a week. If using our service is part of your weekly routine, you are much more likely to feel you are getting your money's worth. How do you find that many reasons to send cards? This article will give you a few examples of when to send cards in our everyday lives that you may not expect. We actually have the chance to send cards every week if we choose to look for the opportunities.

Company Introduction

Welcome to Mendokino, our technology allows you to upload your handwriting through your phone and we have robotic devices that translate what you type into your handwriting written with an actual pen. We use this to help you send greeting cards anywhere in the world directly through your computer or smartphone just by typing. Our best offer is our Blink subscription product that lets you send unlimited cards for a flat monthly rate - this post is about getting the most out of Blink. Check out Blink now

  1. Birthdays
  2. Hosting
  3. Phone Calls
  4. Thank You
  5. Thinking of Someone
  6. Remembering Someone

1. Birthday

The most common reason

No shame in stating the obvious! Birthday cards make up over half of all cards sold today. Sending someone a birthday card gives you the opportunity to remind them of a fun memory or remind them that you value your relationship with them. If you have a Blink subscription you can send birthday cards to everyone in your family, all of your friends and all of your coworkers. If you are open to sending birthday cards more widely, you'll start to see the opportunity to send cards expand quite a bit!

Send a card to celebrate someone you love

2. Someone Plays Host

Send a card to celebrate a visit

Whenever someone comes over to your house or you go over to see someone in their home, there is a great opportunity to send a card. Just send a simple message that thanks the other family for their hospitality or thanks them for making the effort for coming to your home. These types of cards go a long way in deepening friendships. Whether it's your book club, church friends or any other friendship - celebrate the occasion when someone is invited into another person's home.

3. After a Phone Call

Celebrate a great conversation

We typically reserve long phone calls for important relationships that live far away. Whenever you find yourself in a conversation with someone you don't speak to often, you've found a great opportunity to send a card. A good rule of thumb is to send a card if you have a conversation with someone that lasts more than 30 minutes. Send a message that thanks them for taking the time, reminds them of a great memory you share and celebrates your relationship.

Blink subscribers have 100s of card options to celebrate a great conversation.

4. Saying Thank You

It's never been easier to express gratitude

We want to empower as many of our customers as we can to say thank you. We were even featured in this article on Popsugar about the power of gratitude. The opportunity to thank people can come up all around our lives: someone watched our pet, someone picked our kids up from school or someone helped us out at work. Send a message recognizing the effort people put into making life easier. Saying thank you through Blink will give you many more chances to send out cards.

5. Think of Someone

Remind someone you care

Now and then we might think about someone from our lives in a unique or interesting way. Maybe you were in an old neighborhood you used to frequent or maybe you watched an old TV show you used to enjoy together. This is a great occasion to send someone a card and let them know they came to mind. Unexpected cards help deepen friendships and relationships in a powerful way. This type of card goes to the core of our Blink service - being able to send a card for absolutely no reason just because it is the right way to express how you're feeling.

6. Remembering Someone

Recognize someone's loss

We've written an entire post about sympathy cards, but one of the most important messages to take away is that it is never too late to send a card. If you find yourself thinking about someone who has passed away, take this as a sign to send a card to someone that was close to them. Letting someone know that their loved one's memory is not forgotten is extremely powerful and will deepen your relationship. Greeting cards can mark difficult times just as well as positive times, don't forget to send cards when you remember someone deceased for more chances to send cards.

What if I don't know anyone's address?

We just want to spend a second to get this out of the way. We offer a feature on our site where you can send someone a card just by giving us their email address. After you submit the order we will reach out to them to securely complete their address for you. Also don't be afraid to just ask, most people will be excited to know they are going to receive something nice in the mail soon!

This graphic explains our product simply - get real notes into people's mailboxes