How does Mendokino drive Customer Success

Understand why businesses choose our technology for direct mail

"The internet is full of marketing messages. But mailboxes aren’t."

- Neil Patel, Marketing Expert
By: Kailash Durai
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Thank you for your interest in how our product can help you further your business objectives. In this blog post we are going to review the best practices towards using our technology to reach your audience and answer some common objections to Mendokino.

Please reach out to us or complete the form at the bottom of our information page so we can get started on your campaign today. Remember, the more specific your recipient group the better and the best use of our our technology is to use Mendokino to invest in your existing relationships, customers, employees or partnerships to ENHANCE the value of what already exists.

Company Introduction

Welcome to Mendokino, our technology allows you to upload your handwriting through your phone and we have robotic devices that translate typed messages into highly realistic handwriting written with an actual pen. Businesses use our technology to send handwritten messages to a collection of addresses. Learn more about Mendokino campaigns for business.

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In this section we will go over the basics of how to create a mailing campaign with us and the decisions you will need to make to create a successful experience using Mendokino. The workflow for creating a campaign is as follows:

  1. You give us the list of addresses and your message
  2. We write your message into your card
  3. We mail the card and any inserts to the addresses you gave us

Choosing Recipients

Who gets mail?

The most important decision you will make for a successful campaign with us is determining who will receive the cards you are sending. This is more important than the message you send because even the perfect message won't work if it winds up in the wrong mailbox. The biggest piece of advice we have is to view Mendokino as an investment into your BEST relationships.

Mendokino works best as a way to communicate with relationships where you can create a highly tailored message to people who are willing to listen. Think of your most promising leads, longest standing customers or your employees, This is part of the benefit of direct mail in general - you can get the undivided attention of the exact individual you are looking for.

An example of a succesful campaign we have run in the past is messaging all repeat-repeat business for an ecommerce store. These are not just customers that repeat and purchase a second time, but all customers that purchase at least a third item from a store.

Segmenting your audience serves your needs in two ways: it reduces the cost of the mailing campaign by reducing the amount of addresses and it targets only the absolute best customer segment that you know are willing to take action from what you say. We are always happy to help you identify which segment of customers make the most sense for whatever business model you operate in.

Creating a Message

What to say?

Imagine you are writing like this

The second most important part of your campaign is deciding what message to send to the recipients you have targeted. The most important part of your message is a call to action for the reader. The more specific your call to action the better. You may be putting it together - the more specific your recipient segment, the more specific your call to action can be.

The WORST use of your money with us is to send a message to existing customers that love your product or service and not asking them to do ANYTHING while you have their attention. As we will discuss below, direct mail is very likely to be opened, unlike email, that means you should take the opportunity to ask the reader to DO something to make it worth your investment.

Let's take an unfortunate example of a customer that tried a mailing campaign with us for a few months, but eventually decided they were not getting the value they sought through Mendokino. This customer sent cards to freshly onboarded contract employees every month with some information inside pointing to online learning resources.

The message this customer wrote in the card never pointed to the learning material so there was not a lot of engagement or enthusiasm for the effort put into the note. If this customer instead placed a specific importance on logging in to the resources or a specific call to action like "let us know your favorite resources on the site" they may have found more value in the notes they were sending.

The message that you send should include their name and can have a specific call to action around a variety of user behaviors. In the least case you could encourage them to visit your website. According to Direct Mail expert Craig Simpson of Simpson Direct, "direct mail is great at getting leads to visit a webpage, encouraging customers to buy online or collecting information (including email addresses!) from prospects."

Choosing a Card

What goes in the envelope?

We help you make sure you get the contents of the envelope right

We title the section just in terms of choosing a card, but the reality is that you should almost always include two items in your envelope that you send out. The card where we write your message, and some kind of additional marketing material dedicated exclusively to your call to action. Just like I mentioned in the message section, you should always be asking your recipient to do something specific as a result of your communication with them. Your insert should be some kind of rich picture that clearly directs the recipient to do something.

The card itself is important too. When it comes to custom printed stationery, we are happy to work with our own printers to take care of the entire printing process. However, if you have stationery you have used before or know exactly who you like to work with - we are happy to receive your shipment here and write on what you provide.

When choosing a custom card its important to give time to review the end product and know what exactly is being sent out. For campaigns where we are going to send custom stationery - if we are using new printed material we highly recommend budgeting time for review of the printed material.


How much?

Our pricing model is the sum of the following:

Every mailing campaign is different and there are price increases depending on the lead time you give us to mail. Once you provide a list of addresses and decide on the stationery we can give you the price for the campaign.


What do I get?

In this section we will go over some of the benefits of working with Mendokino. Part of these benefits will touch on the benefits of direct mail in general.

Audience Engagement

Your message will be read

According to the USPS 42% of 25–34 year olds said they read mail immediately and find it useful. According to FastMap, 9 out of 10 people open direct mail eventually. Whereas email can be as low as 14.05% (MailChimp).

Brand Control

Present yourself how you like

When you use direct mail you can control every detail of how your message comes across to your user. With online advertising you cannot always control the exact manner and location your brand appears. When you are trying to say something actionable to an important segment of customers, it is worth the investment to control exactly how you come across. With Mendokino you can control every single item that is included in the envelope you send out to your customers.

Time Savings

Spend no time writing

The most precious commodity

Many of our customers turn to us because they recognize the value of direct mail and handwritten messages, but they simply do not have the time to write out the cards themselves. We even had a customer tell us they had to hire an on demand assistant through Task Rabbit before using Mendokino. Once you send us the address list and message, your work is done. We take care of everything else for you all the way down to getting the messages to the post office. Don't forget to consider the value of your time and your team's time when thinking about using Mendokino.


Use real writing

We do not offer handwriting "fonts." If you send 500 messages with us that all say the same thing, all 500 will look distinct from each other - every message we create is unique. This is the biggest draw consumers have towards our product, the authentic representation of their own handwriting. Business customers have the option of choosing from handwriting we have available, but most of our business customers also opt to use their own handwriting by uploading it through their phone. The person receiving your note in the mail will receive an extremely lifelike piece of handwritten communication. Examples here

Deeper Messaging

Say something meaningful

There are some types of messages that only written words can capture. Digital display ads that show certain demographics enjoying your product can go a long way, but there is nothing like an actual invitation sent directly to the correct recipient asking them to take a specific action.

There is no digital substitute for sending a message to existing, loyal customers that thanks them for their continued loyalty and includes a special coupon set to expire within a month. There is no digital substitute for sending a Holiday card to all your customers and asking them to schedule a diagnostic call to make sure their service is up to par so you have the opportunity to reduce churn in the new year. These are the exact types of scenarios where you should lean on Mendokino.

Touch and Feel

Extend your shelflife

Stay relevant to your customers longer

There certainly is a special quality to physical notes versus digital messages. This is a big reason why consumers love our product to share notes. Notes in the mail stimulate more than one sense (touch, sight) unlike digital messages that only stimulate sight. However, when it comes to dollars and cents there is a very practical reason to send a physical, tangible message to a customer. Physical notes have a longer shelflife in your customer's daily behavior and coupons that are physical are more likely to be used in a future date than a digital coupon sitting in someone's email inbox.

According to MSpark 64.1% of e-commerce shoppers indicated an ad/coupon in their mailbox led them to take action in the last 12 months. If you pair the coupon with a handwritten note through Mendokino that targets the right recipient audience then you have invested in your future relationship at a low cost.

Common Objections

Still not sure?

This section will cover some of the most common objections we see when getting started with customers that are unfamiliar with our services or direct mail in general.

Objection: Cost

Allocating marketing budget

We completely understand that you want to spend money in a way that makes sense for your finite resources in your marketing budget or customer success budget. The best way for you to save money is to reduce the amount of addresses that you are sending messages to. This might seem strange for us to say, but we are always happier when our customers send a highly tailored message to a smaller group of recipients than a broadcast shallow message to a large group of recipients. If you are having trouble with your address list, just reach out to us and we can find a way to reduce the list to just those that are going to take action in your favor.

Objection: Authenticity

Is this "real"?

One of our founding principles is to create authentic communication and we completely understand why it is important any outreach you send to you customers feels "real." One of the important ways for the message you send through Mendokino to feel "real" is for you or someone on your team to upload their handwriting into our system. The ownership you feel on the message will be enhanced greatly if you use your own, authentic handwriting.

Mendokino is a brand new way to communicate, not a replacement for an old way to communicate. Look at our service as a BETTER way to communicate certain messages that don't belong in the digital world, not a replacement for handwriting. Certain messages you want to send to your audience SHOULD be sent through the physical mail and would not land successfully in a digital message or advertisement in any case.

Objection: No Recipients

Can't find anyone?

The first piece of advice on this is not to discount small batches of notes being sent out. If you can think of a group of 20 customers, prospects or employees to send notes to, then you have successfully identified a group to send a card to. There is absolutely no need to assume that you can only send notes in the hundreds or thousands, small batches of notes can be very personal and go a very long way. If you can't think of anyone at all, then the next piece of advice is to please reach out to us so we can help you think about how to segment your customers best to receive a card.

Objection: Need

Nothing to say?

The best place to start with a message is "Thank you." Think of who in your business you would like to thank and you have got a great message started. Say something that will apply to every person in the recipient group and remember the most important part is to create a very specific actionable behavior for the recipient. It does not matter who these cards go to, include SOMETHING for the recipient to do to make your campaign with us a success.


Thank you for taking the time to review this post about how businesses can get the most out of working with Mendokino and direct mail. We are always happy to brainstorm ideas and figure out new ways for us to work with different customers. We have sent cards for a variety of different circumstances for all kinds of industries and nonprofits.

Please reach out to us or complete the form at the bottom of our information page so we can get started on your campaign today. Remember, the more specific your recipient group the better and the best use of our our technology is to use Mendokino to invest in your existing relationships, customers, employees or partnerships to ENHANCE the value of what already exists.

This graphic explains our product simply - get real notes into people's mailboxes