Mendokino Greeting Cards

Our most popular product features

Mail Directly

This is the essence of our product. We will produce a greeting card in your handwriting written and mail it directly to someone's mailbox for you. Write a card for no reason!


This is the best greeting card offer anywhere, seriously. $12.99 / month to effortlessly send greeting cards, cancel anytime. Learn more

Card Selection

We have the best designers from all around the world and we continue to add new cards every week. We want to have multiple cards for any occasion that comes to mind no matter how specific. Shop Now

Schedule Ahead

You can input any important dates and we will keep track of them for you, we can even remind you of yearly events like anniversaries. Schedule a delivery

Digital Address

You can send a card to someone's digital address like their phone number or email address. We will reach out to them to securely complete their address for you.